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Into the TARDIS | Back to the Future

Here's side two of the second chapter - calicokat will be advertising on the comms tomorrow.

Fandom:Star Trek
Title: The Value Of A Man: Side Two (2/?)
Authors: dirty_smudge and calicokat
Pairings: mirror!Chekov/Sulu, mirror!Chekov/Scotty
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Dub con, references to BDSM.
Summary: The doors slid closed, leaving Pavel naked, post-coital and with full access to any shipwide systems his black little heart desired.
Notes: Side two of a XI/mirrorverse fanfic. Pavel Chekov finds himself on the USS Enterprise; a naive, peaceful mirror of the ship he knows -- and this universe is his for the taking.

Star Trek and all related properties © and TM 2009 CBS Studios Inc. and are used without permission.

You can find Side Two, chapter 1 here.

Pavel awoke with a shock as warm lips pressed affectionately to his face. He counted himself lucky that after a hundred uncomfortable wake-up calls he'd grown accustomed to keeping his eyes quietly shut no matter what activity blazed behind them.
More kisses followed the first: on his forehead, at the corner of his eyes, on his cheeks and the tip of his nose and finally, sweetly, on his lips.  The last he reciprocated, pressing easily into Hikaru's offering of affection.  
They exchanged sleepy kisses for several moments, Pavel waiting for his Master to initiate something more, maybe flip him over and wake him up properly, but Hikaru pulled away. Pavel opened his eyes and remembered where he was; remembered last night when he'd... a smile tripped lazily across his face as he remembered fucking Hikaru. His soft breathy moans and the way he'd pushed back against him greedily...
His Master was every bit the cockslut Pavel was.

"Good morning," he said, realizing that the look on Hikaru's face was uncharacteristically nervous; he was waiting to see whether Pavel would regret last night's activities in the cold light of morning. Pavel could have kissed him silly for how adorable he was compared to his hard, unyielding Master. In fact, he was actually allowed to do so in this universe.

Hikaru giggled a little through the sudden onslaught of kisses, and only reciprocated for a moment before pushing Pavel away. "Aren't you on alpha shift?" he asked, his forehead crinkling in concern and amusement. "You don't want to be late."

For a moment, Pavel wondered whether Commander Spock was as harsh on the unpunctual in this universe as he was in Pavel's own, but the concern on Hikaru's face showed no trace of fear. He could probably afford the luxury of another five minutes in bed, and he voiced this opinion to Hikaru, who merely chuckled, kissed him again, and very gently pushed him out of bed.

"You can shower on your own," he said, rolling over and gathering up the sheets around him. "I don't want to make you any more late than you will be already."
Pavel eyed the blankets enviously as Hikaru tucked them into the warm spaces Pavel's limbs and body had only recently occupied. He whined for compassion as he looked down at his own stiffening cock, hanging there looking optimistic. Hikaru didn't turn over to face temptation, but laughed.
"No. Later. Go."
Pavel announced his disappointment with an audible huff, but smiled happily at Hikaru's back and the hickey he'd left on one tan shoulder. He remembered his lips closing on the tanned skin and the taste of Hikaru's sweat on his tongue as he sucked until the skin bruised, along with Hikaru's suffering, protesting grunt.
Pavel wanted to leave in his underwear and avoid making his uniform sticky or sweaty, but the cum on his body was dry, anyway, so he flaked it off and dressed before stepping out in the hall with the PADD he'd been carrying around for a day to find the Deck 3 showers. He even tried to straighten his sex-hair. For all the joy and pride he felt when roaming, lustful eyes looked on him and knew jealously that he belonged only to Hikaru Sulu, he couldn't execute his plans with the same expediency under the ownership he privately coveted.
As he washed his body among the other Starfleet officers and crewmen, he chided himself for forgetting to do Doctor McCoy's errand. It wasn't very professional of him! And, yet, it wasn't exactly his fault the USS Enterprise didn't require the same acutely prompt conduct as its sister ship. It was a miracle that somebody hadn't already taken the ship under the firm hand Pavel was prepared to provide.

He bubbled with excitement, feeling like all the plotting and spying he'd done for his Master aboard the ISS Enterprise had honed his instincts for exactly the takeover he planned. Even now, he looked forward to showing his Master the fruits of his labors – but figuring out the mechanics of the spatial rift would come later, once Pavel had secured a position of influence.

Pavel stepped out of the showers refreshed and excited to face the day, toweling off his curly hair.

His first port of call was the bridge. He checked the clock and realized that he might not be late at all if he ran for it, so he broke into a jog, smiling at everyone he passed and noting the differences between the crew he knew. The skirts were still short, but the boots were different; he was used to stiletto heels that could crush a man's balls if he put a foot wrong. The men in this universe were far better groomed, their hair falling into a quaint, old-fashioned side parts rather than the scruffier, live-for-the-moment style that Pavel was used to.

He made it to the bridge with one minute to spare, nodding nervously at Commander Spock, who raised an eyebrow at him in a manner that could almost be called friendly, if such an emotion were possible from the Vulcan race. He walked past the captain's chair, where Kirk was sprawled bonelessly, in a pose similar to his captain's but with less menace and more... well, Pavel supposed he looked contented.

"Sir?" he said, clutching the PADD tightly. Kirk looked up and gave him a smile so bright that he blinked in surprise. He almost took a step back, but stopped himself in time and merely held the PADD out silently. The captain took it and thanked him sweetly, then started reading it without a further glance in his direction.

Pavel took his seat at the Conn and tried not to make it obvious that he was people-watching. He would definitely have to have a turn with this version of the captain; if he smiled that brightly for something as simple as a PADD, Pavel couldn't imagine his expression when he walked into Kirk's quarters and propositioned him. He knew what his Kirk would do: look him up and down like a birthday present, smile smugly and bend him over. Pavel would, of course, already be naked and he'd better have prepared himself because the captain didn't waste time with lube. Pavel suspected the cheerful young man presiding on this bridge wouldn't similarly take him for granted.

His shift passed as slowly as ever and Pavel itched to get off the bridge and do some good old-fashioned dirty work. He had plans, plans that involved many of his favorite things, and he'd always been impatient by nature. His Master had had a lot of fun training his impatience out of him in many aspects of his life, but Pavel had merely channeled it into problem solving. People watching took some of the boredom out of his day, but he was glad when the captain finally dismissed him from the bridge.

Second port of call: Engineering. He was really looking forward to this.

Pavel had focused his studies on physics, his favorite subject, and had easily mastered stellar cartography early on in his career at Starfleet Academy, but he'd had room for plenty of classes on subjects like computer science and mechanical engineering – taking eighteen or twenty-one hours most semesters.

The truth of the matter was that the more time he spent in the classroom, the less time he spent around the other cadets. A soft, sweet faced thirteen year had been a novelty in the rough and competitive environment of the Academy and, frankly, until he met Hikaru he'd been every student's favorite easy target. He'd choked on more cocks those first two years than even he cared to remember just trying to keep from having his pants torn off by the older boys because his hips had been uncomfortably narrow.

What he'd come away with, though, was practical and practically professional knowledge of engineering and the systems that oversaw it. He maneuvered easily through the familiar bulkheads, offering the men on duty his most cheerful smiles. People tended not to ask what you were doing when you looked like you knew exactly where you were going. Pavel didn't know where he was going, but he knew what he needed: an engineering console Montgomery Scott had logged into, and, moreover, Montgomery Scott himself.

"Hey there, laddie," a voice called from behind him, and it sounded so different from the Monty he knew that he almost didn't recognize it. This Mister Scott was less of a dirty, lecherous old man and more of a cheerful, quirky personality as he ducked beneath a low-hanging beam and leaned against a bulkhead, smiling at Pavel.

"H-hello Mister Scott," he said, smiling shyly. He had sort of been counting on the Monty of this universe to be as much of a pervert as his was, but it seemed he would probably have to lay the innocent act on a little thick if he wanted to press this Monty's buttons. "I, uh. I have come to..." he licked his lips and ducked his head, looking up at Monty through his eyelashes and trying not to giggle.

Monty blinked at him, and Pavel was pleased to notice him swallow. No-one could resist his adorable charms. "Is there something you wanted, Mr Chekov?" he asked, his brow crinkling a little.

"It is—" Pavel sighed and looked down at his feet. "It is embarrassing."

Monty laid a hand on his shoulder and Pavel cheered inwardly. "You can talk to me about anything, lad, you do know that?" he said.

Pavel nodded and bit his lip. "I would prefer not to talk about it here," he said. "Perhaps somewhere more secluded..."

He looked up to see Monty nodding. "Come with me, there's a control room over here and I can use my code to lock it from the inside and there'll be no uninvited guests – no-one but me and the captain can override it," he babbled assuringly. Pavel nodded and followed him, smirking widely at the man's back when he knew that Monty couldn't see him.

The control room was suitably small and windowed on all four sides, but as Monty's fingers tapped across the door's control panel they shuttered black, offering them the luxury of privacy. Pavel waited expectantly, feigning uncertainty, until Monty pulled one of the wheeled stools out from beneath a console and spun it over to him. Pavel smiled shyly and carefully took a seat, looking studiously at the backs of his hands like they were the most interesting thing he'd ever discovered.

"Alright, Mr Chekov – what's the matter, then?" Monty asked, his Scottish brogue tempered with genuine concern and a certain cautious level of interest as he took a seat in the chair at the main console.

"It's not a problem, really, I do not think…" Pavel said, looking up wide-eyed at Monty with that concerned wrinkle in his brow that undid most men. He allowed a sweet smile play at the corners of his lips. "—at least, I hope not."

Monty surreptitiously braced himself on the nearby console with one hand, looking a little bit baffled and a little bit trapped but definitely, definitely giving Pavel his full attention, his eyes narrowed with focus.

"Lad, I'm gonna need a wee bit more of an explanation," he apologized, making peace with a friendly, slightly disbelieving grin. Pavel met his grin, affecting more confidence in what could have been interpreted as a sudden boldness.

"It's not that I'm a virgin—…" He let the sentence hang in the air as Monty's eyes grew larger. "It's only that everybody on this ship's so young…" He let himself roll his stool a little closer to Montgomery Scott. "I- I have been hoping to be with someone with…more experience..."

"I- me- you- I..." Monty stammered, and Pavel allowed himself the luxury of a grin, tempering it with a little uncertainty. The engineer was looking at him as if he'd just discovered the calculations for Warp Ten. Pavel remembered to blush, and he supposed that studying his shoe worked out as part of his act, but really he was just trying not to laugh.

"I should have known," he sighed, letting a waver into his voice. He tried to sound like someone trying to be brave, tried to keep his amusement from showing. It seemed to work, because Monty was all but flailing now.

"That's not what I... I didn't... you're very..." Monty trailed off and resumed staring at him again. Pavel had expected to be bent over a console by now, or halfway up a wall with his legs wrapped around the engineer's waist. This beating about the bush was very inconvenient.

"I- I am very what, Mister Scott?" he asked, looking up hopefully. If Monty didn't make a move to kiss him soon, he'd have to be the one that did it. It might throw his act off a little, sure, but the big perv looked ready to explode from the very thought of getting to screw the sweet young Ensign, so he probably wouldn't notice even if Pavel tied him up and told him all of his evil plans.

"You're very, um. Sweet, and everything," Monty said. "But you're- you're seventeen, and I'm-"

That was it. Pavel slid off his stool, clutched Monty's legs, parted them enough to make space for him between them and planted a shy kiss on the engineer's lips, resisting the temptation to make it rougher. He would have to grow in confidence as Monty responded to his advances; it wouldn't be in character to push it too far too fast. It was a pity, though, because this version of the pervert he knew seemed to be just as dirty, but ashamed of it. So many opportunities for blackmail, so little time... and now Monty had grabbed him and was kissing him back.

Pavel smiled into the kiss and then pulled back and looked the picture of delighted innocence. "You will fuck me now, yes?" he asked, biting his lip, and he could have cheered when Monty's eyes widened and his grip tightened on Pavel's uniform. This universe was far too easy.

—Then, unexpectedly, Monty's entire face shifted into one of sudden realization. Fear contorted Pavel's stomach, but he only blinked dumbly in the face of Monty's abruptly critical gaze.

"You cannae be serious if you expect me to buy this 'sweet and innocent' act, Mr Chekov," Monty chastised, but his words remained breathlessly aroused. Pavel registered that Montgomery Scott really was the only person on the ship that might be more intelligent than him, and this Monty looked and smelled considerably more sober than Hikaru's close ally.

It looked like time for a change of tact.

He dissolved into giggles, his hand falling to Monty's phaser. He tugged it off the engineer's belt before the reeling man had quite caught up to speed. He poked it against the center of Monty's soft chest; supposing from the relative lack of muscle tone he really could physically overpower the man just like he'd always suspected he could his own Chief Engineer. He showed a playful smirk, tracing the phaser down Monty's sternum, pleased as Monty shuddered.

"That's right, Mister Scott. I am toying with your lusts. I have come to take control of engineering!" His laughter continued to bubble through his words, and Monty had obviously picked up on the joke – a joke that hit closer to home than he could possibly know. The engineer looked wicked, now, like a willing co-conspirator, and Pavel decided that detaining Monty and whispering evil plans had been a better idea than he ever could have realized. "But you have discovered me," he scolded, smiling as he backed towards the security station on the wall, flipping the phaser on and to stun, the LED glowing blue. "I cannot have that… Montgomery."

Monty caught his breath as Pavel yanked a pair of quick cuffs from beneath the terminal. The engineer's grin widened, then quickly collapsed into a very stern and serious expression remaining on the tenuous edge of becoming laughter.

"You are a naughty, bad man, Pavel Chekov," the Scottsman purred, a tent appearing in his slacks as his eyes devoured Pavel's young body. Pavel quickly assessed that he'd get more mileage playing to more exciting kinks than his Monty's endless amusement with 'rape and defile the virgin.'

"I can't help what I want, Mister Scott." Pavel twirled the cuffs around his finger as he approached the older man, phaser trained on his torso. "Please put your hands behind your back, sir," he said, catching the cuffs in his palm.

Monty replied with eagerness badly disguised as reluctance. "Looks like you've got the upper hand, Mr Chekov," he said, just as breathless as his counterpart when horny. Some things never changed. Pavel almost felt sorry for this version; just as perverted but unable to fully explore his kinks. Pavel enjoyed indulging Monty's messy, drunken sexual urges. Hikaru had him service many of the ship's officers, and although he was always compliant, he didn't always enjoy it. He'd developed a fondness for dirty, lecherous Monty.

"Mind telling me what you plan to do next?" Monty asked after Pavel cuffed him with practiced ease to a nearby console, arms trapped behind his back. He pulled against his bonds a little, as if testing the strength of the Starfleet regulation cuffs. Pavel wouldn't be surprised if they were weaker than in his universe, but they held, so they would suffice. He walked around behind Monty just to tease him, and bend forward a little to speak lowly into his left ear without touching him.

"I will need codes in order to take over the ship," he said, reveling in the way that Monty ran his tongue over his bottom lip. That was the same tongue that had been shoved into his ear when he was tied up one time, because Monty had been drunk and thought it would be funny. It was the same tongue that had tasted of home-brewed alcohol as it plundered Pavel's mouth countless times.

"More specifically," he said, darkening his voice into an almost-whisper, "The self destruct codes."

Monty squirmed in his seat a little at that, and it was as clear as Imperial vodka that he was getting off on the idea of being forced to reveal the code. Was it the danger that excited him, or the idea of being tied up out of his own control? Knowing Monty, probably both. Pavel had never met anyone else with such all-encompassing kinks.

"I would never reveal such important information!" Monty replied, his voice wavering.

Pavel placed his hand on Monty's shoulder and the engineer jumped. "Then I will have to force you to reveal it," he said, already enjoying himself far too much.

He traced the phaser along Monty's cheek and the man's eyes fell closed. He stepped back around to the front of the chair, grinning and stomping a boot in between the man's splayed legs, foot stopped loudly by the edge of the chair. Monty jerked upright with a start and abruptly met his restraints. He stared down open mouthed at the boot scant centimeters from his erection. Pavel knew what to do with that mouth, and he darted forward to kiss the engineer. Monty groaned as Pavel sucked at his mouth, the ensign keeping up the appropriate level of aggression.

"Now, Mister Scott," he purred happily, sliding into his lap, legs straddling his thighs. "Your code." He could feel Monty's legs tense from anticipation and arousal beneath him.

"I said never, you fiend." Monty leaned near, unable to close the distance between his face and Pavel's with his elbows hooked over the back of the chair. He grinned wickedly, puffed up in pride. "I'm not as quick to fold as you seem to think."

Pavel's face fell, his eyebrows rising in the middle to form that kicked-puppy look that had made more than one enemy deeply underestimate him.

"That is too bad," he lamented, hand falling to Monty's pants. He slowly undid their button and tugged down the zipper, feigning a little more fumbling than loosening a pair of slacks would normally take. Undoing a fly with his fingers had been a skill mastered early on. By now, he could open most flys with his teeth. He pushed his hand inside, pressing past the familiar weight of Monty's cock to grasp his balls. He gave them a squeeze and even tugged on them, but not too hard. He knew what Monty liked and about how much he could take, but this Monty made a choked noise, like he suddenly couldn't get air through a closed up throat, threw his head back and panted towards the ceiling and Pavel realized nobody had done this to him before.

He kneaded his testicles in his hand, feeling their slippery shift beneath the skin. He leaned in to scrape his teeth against Monty's upturned jaw and lick beneath his chin.

"Where the hell did you learn to fuck?" Monty exclaimed in disbelief, looking down his face at him with surprise. Pavel laughed.

"Starfleet Academy," he promised with a flirtatious lilt, because it was true.

"I hung out with the wrong people!" Monty lamented. He made a whimpering nose as Pavel gave him another little tug. Pavel closed his hand around him, twisted his scrotum slightly to keep his balls in place, and squeezed until Monty moaned. He'd never been much of a fan of ball grabbing, himself (although his testicles had gone through far worse than this on a few occasions), but a little grabbing or slapping when Monty was in the right mood always produced results.

"I'm supposed to be torturing you," Pavel chastised playfully.  "Act more tortured!"

"Right you are," Monty said with a sly wink. Pavel tightened his grip on the engineer's balls and he struggled to catch his breath before blurting out: "Two seven nine nine five. That's the code, ye scoundrel. Do what you will with it, I cannae take any more of this torture!"

Pavel smiled and squeezed his balls tighter, crossing the border between pleasure and pain, just a little. "I know what a self destruct code sounds like, Mister Scott," he said, relaxing his grip a little to give Monty a chance to breathe. "And that did not sound like a self destruct code." He slid back to Monty's knees, bent down towards Monty's slick, glistening erection and made a motion as if to lick the tip, stopping just short of the flushed skin.

Monty made a whining sound and tried to push up towards Pavel's tongue, but a quick squeeze from his hand stopped the movement.

"Now, that's hardly fair," Monty protested. His hands strained against the cuffs, fingers clenching. Pavel knew that he wanted to bury them in the thick curls of his hair. Maybe he would let him later, if he was kind enough to give Pavel the means to take over this ship. He liked to feel the burn in his scalp as Monty's fingers tugged at his curls, and he doubted that he would get the rough sex that he wanted from this universe's Hikaru.

"Whining will get you nowhere," he said, borrowing a phrase from his Master. "Give me the code, and I will give you what you want."

"F-fine…" the engineer stammered. His voice became a chant: "Upsilon foxtrot india ampersand nine november sigma Greek-delta seven close-parenthesis hotel victor seven iota zero exclamation-point bravo lambda – you got that?"

Pavel exhaled against his swollen cock and licked the tip as Monty groaned.

"I have it, Mister Scott. But how do I know you're not tricking me?” He smiled wickedly, eyes gleaming. “Now…log me into your computer and I'll give you something very nice."

"You're cruel," Monty accused. "You're a cruel, cruel young man!"

Pavel released his grip on Monty's testicles and toyed with the fly of his pants, unfastening it slowly and stepping around to face the console as he pushed both his slacks and his boxer-briefs over his skinny hips, uncovering the tight, smooth cheeks of his pale backside.

"You were giving me access?" he prompted as Monty boggled, and then rolled his eyes in exasperation.

Monty raised his voice a little for the computer to register his commands.

"Computer: Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott, authorization code: five-papa-charlie-zero-mike."

Pavel saw the console open up and grinned, fingers flying over the keys until he hit another stumbling block.

"Ship wide engineering override?" he asked, brow furrowing.

"You're not seriously—…" Monty asked, but rattled off the code instead when Pavel placed a finger on his lower lip.

Pavel brought his command line up onto one of the darkened windows that doubled as a monitor, typing one handed as Monty nipped and then sucked on the tip of his finger.

"…and zero exclamation-point bravo lambda," Pavel declared proudly.

Monty sat back, peering at the screen as Pavel executed his code, which didn't look anything like a self destruct code.

"—did you just flush all the ship's toilets at once, ensign?"

"Da, Mister Scott. Sowing chaos and confusion."

"—good work, then."

It took five seconds of Monty just sitting there staring for Pavel to realize that his genius had distracted the engineer from the point of this encounter. He didn't need to do more than lean forward on the console and thrust his naked ass in the air before he had Monty's attention back where he wanted it.

"You have been very compliant, Mister Scott," he said, looking back over his shoulder with a look of youthful innocence. "I think you have earned your reward, don't you?"

"Oh, aye," Monty growled, shifting and straining in his chair. "I'd say I have."

Pavel turned his face towards the console and grinned so hard that he thought his face might split open. He stepped back from the console and took a step to either side of Monty's lap, giving Monty a close view of what he'd purchased with his obedience and listening him panting for it.

The thrill that shot through his abdomen as he lowered himself over Monty's cock was as much smug satisfaction as it was pleasure. He reached between his legs to guide him into place, and his self-satisfied grin turned into a smile of happiness as he felt the wide head of Monty's cock pressing into him.

"Oh, you are so big," he gasped, remembering the very first time Monty had fucked him. The pleased sound that he heard from behind him was identical to the groan he'd heard the first time around as he let his weight rest over Monty and the engineer's stiff cock breached him.

Inter-dimensional travel was so much fun.

He slid down, easing onto Monty's erection until the engineer was balls-deep and groaning softly. Pavel took a moment to pull his shirt over his head and began to caress his own body, fingernails dragging across his own stomach, a hand trailing up his own neck to rub the thin, soft skin underneath his jaw Monty loved to bite and bruise. He dragged both hands upwards to his hardened nipples to twist and torture them the way Monty loved to, and he couldn't help but whimper with pleasure at the sensation and flex his ass around Monty's blood-heavy cock.

Monty dug his boots into the floor and crudely bucked into him, no longer playing the helpless victim; dominating from beneath. Pavel keened as Monty stretched him out, much thicker and rougher than Hikaru. His hips jerked backwards in counter time with his thrusts, and the control room filled with the sound of their bodies slapping together; Monty's heaving and grunting, Pavel's groans and the creak of the chair as they tested the limits of its strength.

Monty jerked his wrists against the console as he shoved upwards, the tug of the cuffs loud against the metal, but they held, keeping him just where Pavel wanted him.

"If I had my hands on you…" the engineer warned, the lecherous threat in his voice so very familiar even when the words didn't mean the same things. If Pavel's Monty got his hands on him, right now, he'd be slapped around until he started to cry and apologize over and over for being a slut and a tease, and then Monty would fuck him while he made him tell him again and again what a cock hungry whore and a piece of ass he was. This Monty, though, well, he would probably keep fucking him nicely as you pleased in one position or the other, and maybe lay kisses on his body if he wasn't too caught up in his own pleasure.

Despite the awkwardness of their position, Monty managed to build up a regular enough rhythm that the feeling of being filled gave way to the satisfaction of a proper fuck. Pavel stopped teasing his own body when he realized that Monty was probably no longer aware of what his hands were doing to himself, and gripped the console in front of him instead, tilting his hips to get a better angle. He had treated Hikaru to the soft, high-pitched whimpers of a virgin being cored for the first time, but for Monty he grunted and snarled as he ground his ass greedily into the man's lap.

The prickle of pubic hair against his balls was beginning to chafe by the time Monty's thrusting became wild and uncontrolled and Pavel had to take over most of the work. He used the console for leverage and fucked Monty through his orgasm. When the engineer had stopped shouting the roof down, Pavel lowered himself back down onto his softening cock and wrapped his hand around his own erection, jerking himself off with a few quick, practiced tugs. For the sake of his evil plan more than fear of Monty's wrath, he made sure to catch most of it in his hand so that he didn't make a mess of the console; he knew first hand how hard they were to clean (although he suspected that in this universe, he wouldn't be ordered to use his tongue).

Monty's breathing was beginning to even out, and Pavel couldn't let him regain too much lucidity while there was work to be done, so he pulled off, stood up and tucked Monty back in.

"You have done very well, Mister Scott," he said, running a fingernail lightly down Monty's cheek. This was more like what he was used to; a breathless, red-faced and incoherent Mr. Scott who could be handled easily by anyone. "I will be releasing you now, but only under one condition."

For a second, it looked like Monty would merely nod breathlessly, but he gathered himself enough to say: "And what would that be now, ye wee rascal?"

Pavel smiled and applied a little more pressure with his fingernail, enough to leave a stinging trail behind it, but never leave a mark. "You are not to tell anyone of what we got up to here," he said. "It will be our little secret."

He winked at Monty and the engineer broke into a lecherous grin, his eyes shining. "Aye, I reckon I can do that, given enough incentive."

"This was not enough incentive for you?" Pavel asked innocently.

Monty's grin widened as his eyes swept over Pavel's naked body. "Enough to give me a taste for more." He licked his lips and added, in a softer tone than Pavel was used to: "Ye pretty little slut."

Taking his cue, Pavel reached down to unlock the cuffs and kissed Monty sweetly upon the lips. "I would not dream of teasing you, Mister Scott," he said as the engineer shook his hands, glad to be free. "Be warned; I could come back to torture you again at any time. I am devious like that."

"Very devious," Monty muttered, bringing his hands up over the curve of Pavel's thighs to rest on his hips. He kissed Pavel hungrily for a second, but drew back reluctantly. "I'd best be getting back to..." He tilted his head in the direction of the door to indicate Engineering in general. "You'll be alright in here by yourself?"

"I will cope without you, Sir," Pavel said cheekily, flopping into the chair once Monty vacated it. "I just need a moment to recover. Torturing you is very hard work, you know."

"Hard work, aye." Monty chuckled to himself as he left the room, having checked that everything was tucked in and in place. He glanced back from the doorway to order with amusement: "Now, make sure you've left the toilets right, ensign." The doors slid closed, leaving Pavel naked, post-coital and with full access to any shipwide systems his black little heart desired.

Pavel immediately pulled his pants up from his ankles, taking a small external drive from his pocket and plugging into a port on the console. He wouldn't have time to manipulate every system he needed to place under his control and cover his tracks, so he'd come prepared with his own executable files, files he cued up to run and kept an eye on while he put himself back together. When he was fully dressed and had straightened up he took a seat at the console, fingers dancing through the familiar motions of subterfuge.

He would not trust this Monty not to check the logs of his time on the console any more than he'd trust his own Monty not to be a paranoid bastard. The Commander Scott of the ISS Enterprise performed to high standards out of fear of crossing Commander Spock. While the man he'd just fucked couldn't share the same terror, he appeared sharper and more sober to begin with. So, Pavel left his pet subroutines to lurk in the ship's computer and double and triple checked himself as he covered his tracks, working as fast as his considerable intellect would allow.

The engineers he passed on the way to the turbolift couldn't have known all the reasons Pavel had to smile. It was good, then, that he was such a naturally smiling person to begin with. Later, from a remote console, he'd queue up his back door pass to the second highest level of authority on the ship and refine his manipulations. He wondered if Monty's self-destruct code had been even partially accurate. Pavel doubted he'd given it to him letter for letter, but even if he had it would take the codes of two senior officers to initiate self-destruct. He'd have to get another one for that particular ace in the hole. Something to consider.

Pavel began to whistle as he stepped out onto the habitation deck, and continued whistling all the way to the shower where he washed himself very thoroughly to rid himself of the scent of Monty's sweat and come. Making use of the private showers for the second time since he arrived on the ship, he cleaned inside his body, determined to be thorough. Pavel might take Monty's perversion with good humor, but the commander didn't deserve to mingle his come with sweet, beautiful Hikaru's. Pavel washed diligently and thoroughly, nonetheless enjoying the sensitive rawness of the skin of his asshole from Monty's dry fuck as his wet fingers stretched it out.

He was lucky he and Hikaru had had so much sex the night before. Hikaru hadn't had a very close look at his ass that morning and if it was a little reddened tonight he would undoubtedly take responsibility for it, himself.

Hikaru was always very responsible.


Sulu had been down to the gym as usual after his shift, so he'd expected Chekov to be in his quarters when he returned, fresh from a shower. A little burst of disappointment hit him when he found his quarters empty, and he'd wondered whether his assumptions about the change in their friendship might have been a little hasty. Thinking back to that morning and the easy intimacy between them, he figured that he ought to give Chekov the benefit of the doubt, and had sat down with a PADD full of Stevenson's Treasure Island to wait for his brand new lover's return.

His calm attitude paid off as usual; it was less than an hour until he looked up to the sound of his doors swishing open and saw Chekov bounding in, his blue eyes shining brightly above a playful smile.

"I have returned, my love!" he cried, swooning all over the bed. "I have spent so long toiling in the fields - ravish me now, before my bosom... explodes... with, um. With lust!"

He was giggling too hard to finish his passionate declarations, and Sulu was finding it hard to resist crawling on top of him and kissing him until the giggles stopped. He tossed the PADD onto his desk, trusting that it was tidy enough for him to easily find it again, and kicked off his boots in the couple of steps it took to cross the room to his bed.

"I wouldn't want your bosom to explode," he said with a warm tone of amusement as he bend down and pressed a kiss to Chekov's nose. "Sounds painful."

"Oh, it is. Very."

Sulu placed his palms flat against the bed on either side of Chekov's head and bent down to kiss his soft, pretty lips. "What do you want me to do about it?"

As he was already in the process of wriggling out of his shirt, Chekov's answer was a little muffled. "I think you should thrust your manly sword inside my..." The shirt flew across the room... "How do I end that sentence and still sound sexy?"

Laughing, Sulu dropped his weight onto the younger man's legs, straddling him and pinning him down as he used his hands to tickle Chekov's freckled torso. Somewhere during the ensuing tickle fight, Chekov ended up face-down with Sulu lying on top of him, his erection heavy against the inside of Chekov's thigh.

He leaned in and nibbled at his earlobe before pressing a soft kiss against the smooth muscle of his shoulder. Chekov had gone still beneath him, his only movement a gentle backwards thrust of his hips, reassuring Sulu that this was very much what he wanted.

Sulu's thoughts flashed back to the happy kiss they'd shared yesterday in the gym, so out of the blue and Chekov so sweet and so eager. If he'd known Chekov had silently been desiring him all the months they'd served together on the Enterprise, he wouldn't have made Chekov have to come to him; he would've swept him off his feet the way he so obviously deserved. Now, all his memories of Chekov's shy glances and small smiles on the bridge together and in private took on a totally different light and Sulu had no idea why he hadn't had more confidence in himself.

He slipped a hand beneath Chekov's stomach and with Chekov's help and happy laughter they got his fly open contributing one hand each. He removed Chekov's slacks with care and steady hands, resting a hand on one strong, athletic buttock and stroking the pale skin with his thumb, smiling to himself as Chekov shivered.

"Wait right there," he ordered, Chekov making a pleased noise of compliance, and he slipped away to get the lube, shedding his own clothes before he climbed back on the bed despite his eagerness to have his hands right back on that skinny, healthy body.

Chekov looked slightly sore and red from last night, and Sulu admitted to himself he'd gotten pretty negligent with the lube the last two times he'd been inside him. He took his time carefully slicking him, although nowhere near the time he'd spent rimming and relaxing him in the shower the first time. He hadn't asked if that'd been the first time Chekov had had sex with a man because it didn't strictly seem important.

"Hikaru, please," Chekov pleaded, insistently, the sound of his begging making Sulu's cock jump to attention. It had become all too apparent over the past twenty-four that nothing affected him more than hearing the teenager supplicate him for more, faster, harder.

"I'm getting there," he murmured, smoothing a hand down Chekov's spine, feeling the bump of each vertebrae until his palm rested firmly at the small of his back, holding him in place with no real force. With his other hand, he popped open the lube and squeezed it out onto his fingers - not as easily as he could have if he'd used both hands, but with enough practice that he managed not to make a mess.

A warm smile spread over Chekov's face at the first touch between his legs; he practically purred with satisfaction when Sulu's finger carefully teased inside his hole, checking for damage from the night before at the same time as he prepared him. The teenager didn't seem to be in any pain, so Sulu pressed in further, slowly opening him up with his index finger.

Chekov was impatient despite his obvious soreness; he started to thrust back against the finger almost as soon as it was inside him, so Sulu prepared him as quickly as possible while still satisfied that his lover was stretched and lubricated enough to accommodate him. When he finally rose to his knees and slid his arm around Chekov's waist, guiding him backwards, the teenager was practically humming with energy.

He couldn't be a virgin, Sulu decided. He was too sure of his limits, too sure of what he wanted. It must have been a while since he was last fucked by anyone, though, because he was shaking with need and desire as Sulu pushed past his initial resistance and slid balls-deep inside him. His breathy moan of pleasure, as if he would die if Sulu didn't start fucking him right now, sent a jolt through Sulu's heart and stole his breath away. To be so wanted, so needed, and by the beautiful, curly-haired man he'd been crushing on since he'd started to call him friend, was enough to make him feel like the luckiest man in the universe.

"Hikaru," Chekov gasped, his hands fisting into the sheets as Sulu gripped his hips with both hands and shifted his angle a little so that... "oh!"

His friend was boneless and breathless and making soft, needy noises as Sulu held on tight and pounded into him and tried to keep himself together for long enough to see Chekov through his orgasm. And when that came: shivering, gasping, moaning, pushing back and still demanding more, Sulu scrunched his eyes shut and gave in to the onslaught of pleasure, his own orgasm hitting him like a freight ship. Arms and legs trembling, he collapsed on top of Chekov, who was basking in the post-coital warmth and more than happy to wrap his arms around Sulu and hold him until he regained his senses, and then some.

"You are so very good at that," Chekov sighed happily, nuzzling Sulu's ear and nipping it playfully. Both of their chests were heaving and Chekov's body felt damp with sweat as he lay his head on Sulu's (probably equally sweaty) chest and cuddled him tightly.

It was becoming obvious that this was the best sex Sulu would ever have in his life, and he knew it wasn't because they were doing anything astoundingly gymnastic.

No. It was simpler and a world more complex than that.

Chekov was his best friend, and Sulu loved him.

Look into the mirror.


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Sep. 4th, 2009 01:45 am (UTC)
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Ah yes, you may have the right idea there with people communicating with each other re: Chekov.
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ASLDdjas I love this so much it makes me want to keymash. Chekov is such a manipulative bastard, and manipulative!bastard Chekov may be my favourite interpretation of him yet, and lkasdjsa somehow this side of the mirror is always so much more heart-twisty painful than the other because poor Sulu doesn't know what's he's getting. ;____; The last line! The last line aaaargh it's like a sharp stab straight to the heart.
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