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Business As Usual, Part Four: Family

A/N: I intend to write a part 3.5 for what Spock and Uhura got up to during the night, but for now we have pancakes, yoga and the sensual drying of cutlery.
Fandom: Star Trek
Series: Business As Usual (tagged as "whorefic")
Pairing: Spock/Uhura in this chapter as well as a little bit of Chekov/McCoy and mentions of Kirk/McCoy and Pike/McCoy
Rating: PG-13? (there's some language and adult concepts. I dunno)
Warnings: Mentions prostitution. Some bad language?
Summary: Um... breakfast. Uhura mothers everyone, Spock is intrigued by Chekov's tall tales and McCoy drinks a lot of coffee. Part five will have angst so I wanted another character-development-y fluff chapter.

Part One is here

Nyota eased a spatula underneath the bacon, flipped it and moved on to the next frying pan..Collapse )

Fic: Yes, Daddy

A/N: Have you ever tried to write a kink you've never written before and it isn't your kink and you know what you should be saying, but actually typing the words feels dirty? THIS IS SO FUN.
Fandom: Star Trek
Pairing: Pike/Chekov
Rating: Adult. No explicit sex, but... uh. This is why the normal rating system fails. This is more than an R but doesn't meet the standards for NC-17. So... adult. And kinky. And probably wrong.
Warnings: Massive age gap, spanking, 'daddy' kink, dubious morality, Chekov's still seventeen (if that even matters)
Summary: Chekov's having a hard time dealing with stuff. Pike always knows what he wants, even before he does, and knows exactly how to deal with it.

Chekov's racing heart stuttered in his chest, hesitant as his fingers hovered over the door chime.Collapse )

Star Trek Reboot Art Meme, Bitches

I keep seeing this and wanting to do it. And I ended up using refs for most of the pictures and actually drawing the character properly, which is always cool. My favourite is Chekov in number 8.

turntap2 is to blame for this meme, and the template can be found here

Warning: One image Not Safe For Work because you know my views about Kirk meeting alternate versions of himself.

Meme under the cutCollapse )

Fanart: Familiar Touch

This is for anyone who read Narcissus and said "ooh, I want to see the two Chekov together now!"
Damn you all.

Title: Familiar Touch
Fandom: Star Trek
Pairing: Chekov/Chekov
Rating: Adult
Warning: Not safe for work

It's behind here.Collapse )

Now leave me alone. I'm supposed to be writing Business as Usual and the next part of Value and sleeping.

Better With Two

A/N: So, uh I was browsing hot Star Trek man porn and came across this "kisses in the rain" challenge which seemed like a very good idea. And I immediately thought of River and Kaylee, because I've been meaning to write Firefly fic, and it's been a while since I did a femmeslash pairing, and they seemed perfect for doing something cute and silly like kissing in the rain.
Fandom: Firefly
Pairing: Kaylee/River
Title: Better With Two
Rating: I dunno. PG? PG-13? I doubt you're likely to be offended.
Summary: Um... It's about kissing. In the rain.

They were playing hide-and-seek when the rain started.Collapse )

Fic: Narcissus (to accompany the fanart)

A/N: This is the fic I abandoned in order to draw this. I went back and finished it, because Jim Kirk is too pretty and vain not to fuck himself. Check out the picture for a visual of this fic.
Fandom: Star Trek
Pairing: Jim Kirk/Jim Kirk
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Extreme narcissism. They are sickeningly in love with each other. It's adorable but painful to watch.
Summary: What would Jim Kirk do when an alternate-universe version of himself was sitting right next to him, clearly as bored as he was and clearly having the same sexy thoughts as he was having? Hardly any plot to this. Just, you know. The best sex ever.

He'd expected Spock's insufferability to double when there were two of him, but it turned out to actually border on the infinite.Collapse )

The Value Of A Man: Side Two, chapter 1/?

I hope this will make the previous entry make more sense - now we have chapter one of both sides of this new WIP fic I'm working on with calicokat

Fandom: Star Trek
Title: The Value Of A Man: Side Two (1/?)
Authors: dirty_smudge and calicokat
Pairings: mirror!Chekov/Sulu
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Non and dub con references.
Summary: There were so many things an enterprising young man could do with a ship full of hippies and a pretty face.
Notes: Side two of a XI/mirrorverse fanfic. Pavel Chekov finds himself on the USS Enterprise; a naive, peaceful mirror of the ship he knows -- and this universe is his for the taking.

Star Trek and all related properties © and TM 2009 CBS Studios Inc. and are used without permission.

The Value Of A Man: Side Two (1/?)Collapse )

The Value Of A Man: Side One, chapter 1/?

I've been writing a fic with calicokat in which Chekov finds himself in Mirrorverse and everyone wants to rape him. We've also written the flip side to the story, in which mirror!Chekov finds himself in our universe and has evil plans.
So... I'm only going to say this once: the fic as a whole is called The Value Of A Man. There are two separate stories, called Side One and Side Two, and they are both work in progress. We'll be running them side by side.
This is chapter one of Side One, in which movie Chekov is in mirrorverse. At the end is a link to Side Two, in which mirror!Chekov is in the movie verse.

Fandom: Star Trek
Title: The Value Of A Man: Side One (1/?)
Authors: dirty_smudge and calicokat
Pairings: Chekov/mirror!Sulu
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Rape, non-con BDSM.
Summary: "...still tastes like Pavel," Bones drawled appreciatively. "But this one needs some breaking in."
Notes: Side one of a XI/mirrorverse fanfic. Pavel Chekov finds himself on the ISS Enterprise; a dark mirror of the ship he knows. With the inmates running the asylum, he may not survive a day.

Star Trek and all related properties © and TM 2009 CBS Studios Inc. and are used without permission.

The Value Of A Man: Side One (1/?)Collapse )

Fanart: Narcissus

I'm working on a fic based around the idea that if Jim met himself, he would so totally hit that. Except I hit a wall when I realised that, actually, they'd just stare adoringly into each other's blue-eyed gaze. So I gave up on the fic and drew this, except even here it looks like they've paused in the middle of sex to stare at each other and grin. And maybe whisper "I love you; you're so beautiful" at each other, and nuzzle a little bit, and then start kissing sweetly and forget that one of them is inside the other. Jeez. Just fuck already.

Fandom: Star Trek
Pairing: Jim Kirk/Jim Kirk
Rating: Adult

Warning: not safe for work.

So is it incest or masturbation, or just really hot?Collapse )
A/N: *pokes calicokat * - here it is, here it is! Cuddling and angst.
Fandom: Star Trek
Series: Business As Usual (tagged as 'whorefic')
Pairing: McCoy/Chekov (Kirk/McCoy mentioned)
Rating: R (mentions of sex but nothing explicit)
Warnings: Prostitution, angst, cuddling
Summary: I think "If the kid wanted a teddy bear, he was damn well happy to be one" sums this chapter up nicely.

Part 1 is here

Leonard was lying awake on his back, letting the cool breeze from his fan tickle his face...Collapse )