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Into the TARDIS | Back to the Future

It's been a while since we posted the first chapter of "The Value of a Man", so I hope we haven't lost the interest of too many of our readers. calicokat  and I have both had problems that stopped us from getting chapter two written as fast as we would have liked, and we hope that chapter three will turn up a lot sooner than three months time.

Don't forget - each chapter has two sides, one set in mirrorverse and one set in our universe. Look out for the link at the bottom.

Star Trek
Title: The Value Of A Man: Side One (2/?)
Authors: dirty_smudge and calicokat
Pairings: Chekov/mirror!Sulu, Chekov/mirror!Scotty
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Rape, non-con BDSM.
Summary: "Rise and shine, baby," a low, familiar voice taunted with too much cheer for the early hour and the pain Chekov had been left in.
Notes: Side one of a XI/mirrorverse fanfic. Pavel Chekov finds himself on the ISS Enterprise; a dark mirror of the ship he knows. With the inmates running the asylum, he may not survive a day.

Star Trek and all related properties © and TM 2009 CBS Studios Inc. and are used without permission.

You can find Side One: chapter 1 here.

Chekov slept at strange intervals, if it could be called sleep. Dark shapes moved on the backs of his eyelids and the throbbing in his ass became a steady, sickening warmth he never truly escaped. His swollen cock had become a source of nothing but pain and frustration, although it strained against its bond and ached uselessly.

Starfleet had educated Chekov in the possibility of torture. Over the course of four years he read the tribulations of Starfleet officers from Human settlements to the Klingon homeworld of Qo'nos. None of those terrifying theoretical constructions were any preparation for the violation he experienced at the hands of this warped reflection of his Hikaru Sulu.

In some twilight world he heard the man rouse and wake, step out of his bed and begin to move around the room. In his blindness, the sound of Sulu's activities remained disconnected from his wandering thoughts. Finally, something hard and smooth pushed the blindfold up off his eyes. Chekov blinked blearily in the room's artificial lights, not readily able to focus.

"Rise and shine, baby," a low, familiar voice taunted with too much cheer for the early hour and the pain Chekov had been left in.

His eyes adjusted slowly, but Sulu was patient, wanting him to see what was in store for him before the day started. When Chekov was finally able to focus on the smooth, polished wood that had been used to push away his blindfold, Sulu moved it away and he saw that it was the handle of what looked to be a torture device. Six leather straps hung from the ornate wooden handle, tied into knots at several places along their length, and Chekov wasn't naive enough to be unsure of what it was for.

Sulu held the flogger comfortably, as if it was an extension of his arm. Chekov didn't dare imagine the number of times it had been used on his counterpart from this universe; he couldn't see well in the darkness of the room, but he could see the cold anticipation on Sulu's face as clear as day.

"This is for your own good," Sulu reminded him, and Chekov was almost starting to believe that this cruel version of his friend really thought what he was doing would benefit Chekov in some way. His gaze was drawn back to the flogger and he stared at it, wanting to cry but finding that his tears had dried up.

He was still staring straight forward when Sulu came over to him and rolled him over. Finally, the incessant stimulation inside him was turned off and the device removed, leaving Chekov feeling horrible and empty. His fragile nerve endings didn't so much feel sore as aching, suddenly bereft of the vibrations that had kept him awake all night. It was stupid to wish anything, but Chekov would have taken back all of his complaints about being tied up and over-stimulated if Sulu would just put that flogger away.

The handle was running up his thighs now, curving over his ass and stopping at the small of his back. The knots in the leather glided over his too-sensitive skin, a smooth caress that promised sharp pain in his near future. Chekov dropped his head into his still-bound hands, waiting for the first blow and trying to stop himself from trembling, but Sulu just laughed and stood up, moving the flogger away.

"We'll do this on the bed," he said, grabbing the rope that bound Chekov's hands together and dragging him up. Face-to-face with his torturer, Chekov felt his mouth go dry as he was once again confronted with the familiar-but-twisted sight of his best friend. Sulu contemplated him for a moment, then dropped a soft kiss onto Chekov's forehead before his touch became rough again and he half-dragged, half-carried Chekov to the bed.

The breath rushed out of Chekov's lungs as Sulu threw him face down on the mattress. A startled cry tore from his throat as his efforts to raise his face out of the covers tugged the rope and wrenched painfully on his forcibly-maintained erection. Sulu climbed over him and began to unfasten the rope binding his arms, his fingers straying to place fond, idle touches on Chekov's bare skin.

"You're so pale, Pavel," he murmured appreciatively, and then teased cruelly: "But I've got the remedy."

Chekov shuddered, but made up his mind not to cry – at least, not until he couldn't help it. He bit down on the soggy rag in his mouth and swallowed back a whimper, mind struggling to make sense of what Sulu was putting him through. If he tried to believe that Sulu thought he had his best interests in mind, then he had to suspect Sulu wanted him to learn something from this. The alternative was that his friend took pleasure from this cruelty, and Chekov could not come to terms with that after a night of sweating and suffering.

His arms quivered, weak and sore, as he obediently lowered them to his sides. He stretched them out along the mattress above his head and waited for the blood to return to them. His body sprawled in boneless exhaustion over the length of the bed. Even with a rope still knotted tight around his cock, he could've easily fallen asleep like this. The foreboding caress of conditioned strands of leather over the bare skin of his back riveted his consciousness to his uncomfortable reality.

"You will want to hold on to something," Sulu offered considerately. Chekov took his advice and grabbed the edge of the mattress.

When the first strike fell, Chekov wasn't ready for it in the slightest. He yelped at the sudden sound of leather cracking against skin, and then bit the inside of his lip as pain bloomed throughout the area. Sulu's blow had landed right in the softest part of his left buttock, and the stinging pain was enough to bring tears to his eyes.

The second strike was in the same spot on the right buttock, another eye-watering blow that was almost too much to bear, but as the pain dulled down to a persistent throbbing and heat spread throughout Chekov's backside, he felt an answering throb from his erection that he had not expected. Sulu rained down two more blows in quick succession, smacking his thighs just underneath the spots he'd hit before. Chekov tightened his grip on the mattress, tears already streaming down both cheeks.

"That was to warm you up," Sulu told him, his voice showing signs of exertion. Beating Chekov like this must be an adrenaline rush for him; or maybe it turned him on. Either way, Chekov didn't much like the idea of Sulu getting off on causing him pain. How could their universes be so different that his friend could be this heartless?

Warm fingers dug into his mouth and he resisted the urge to bite down on them as Sulu took hold of the gag and pulled it away, leaving a bitter taste behind. Chekov's tongue was dry where it had been resting against the gag and he had to swallow a few times before it felt like anything other than a dead lump in his mouth.

"Now you're going to count backwards from ten," Sulu said. "I won't give you any more than that on your first time, but I should warn you that I usually give Pavel at least twenty."

Chekov bit his lip hard enough to draw blood and blinked to rid himself of the tears. He didn't want his voice cracking, didn't want that to arouse Sulu or give him any kind of pleasure. He was trembling as he swallowed to clear his throat and said, "Ten..."

There was another loud thwack and he was struck in exactly the same place as the first blow. He hadn't meant to make a sound, but the bruising pain was too much for him to stand... He was too young for this, too inexperienced. Sulu couldn't expect him to take nine more blows, could he?

"Count," Sulu said. He stroked the flogger over Chekov's burning skin in warning, the slow caress of leather against sensitive nerve endings going straight to his cock. Chekov managed to gasp out “Nine!” and he was struck again before he could gather enough force to tense against it.

His flinched, dropped his head to the mattress and began to whimper. Sulu teased him with the long straps of leather again, liking Chekov's response and the arousal that it caused. He brokenly called out the rest of the numbers, tears falling freely again when he got to "Six," and his breath coming in broken gasps when he got as far as "Three".

By the time the last blow fell, he was sobbing and pleading and rubbing himself unashamedly against the mattress.

Sulu must have set the flogger aside, because two strong hands were suddenly on his body, prying his fingers off the mattress's edges and then collecting him into an embrace. Chekov heaved for air through his shaking chest, hoarse breaths tearing at his throat. His body rested limply in Sulu's arms, the pain too much to bear and his cock pounding with blood. Sulu's fingers fiddled at its base, tugging at the knot he'd tied the night before. Chekov groaned Oh, god, the freedom not bringing relief but intensifying his arousal as new blood rushed through his erection.

Sulu made a soft noise and began to place soft kisses on his face, kissing his forehead, his nose, the corner of his lips, and his tear-stained cheeks. His hand closed on Chekov's flushed cock just as the ensign had begun to get his breathing under control. Chekov stared at him in confusion, terrified he'd remain unable to come and only desperately wishing his torturous erection would finally subside.

Embarrassment burned at his cheeks at the startled, needy cry he choked out when Sulu started to stroke him. He turned his face into Sulu's chest, his entire body one raw nerve screaming with a sensation that blurred the line between agonizing pain and aching arousal.

"Don't," Sulu ordered, his voice firm but his tone not unkind. "I want you to see this. You shouldn't be ashamed…"

Chekov's gaze reluctantly traveled to Sulu's scarred face, his eyes the same deep brown as Chekov's best friend's and still just as easily expressive. The hardness in them Chekov had never seen in his Sulu except when he glanced across the Conn in the pitch of battle, but now that he gazed deeper he saw emotion there, too, and for a moment was riveted as he fought against accepting it as compassion or affection.

Sulu nodded towards his hand where it wrapped around Chekov's erection and the ensign let his gaze drop obediently. The cock in the lieutenant's hand had to belong to some stranger, so hard the blood beneath tinged the head dark purple and so over-stimulated that the rest was flushed an unhealthy red. Chekov didn't feel sexy, the skin of his body splotchy from blushing or, on his thighs, from Sulu's beating, but Sulu gave his cock a long, slow caress and the pleasure of it flushed through him and he watched his hips jerk against his will.

His ass felt sore as it brushed against the sheets, and the shame of what Sulu was doing to him hit Chekov hard as he came, hard, over his torturer's hand. His face twisted in revulsion and he wished that he was somewhere, anywhere, other than in this bed, forced into orgasm by his best friend's hand. He closed his eyes tightly and recoiled from the world. Sulu allowed him this moment to himself, finally pleased by his acquiescence.

"There now," Sulu murmured, his touches suddenly turning soft, tracing over the bite marks on Chekov's arms and chest. "That wasn't so difficult, was it?"

Chekov couldn't bring himself to reply, merely pressed his lips together and bit back a sob. He felt Sulu release him and, finally free of all of his bindings, he curled up in a ball on the bed, his chest heaving and nose running and he allowed himself to cry properly for the first time, without fighting not to betray the scope of his devastation. He'd had all other shame taken from him; what was the point in being brave any more?

I'm stuck here in this insane asylum, he thought to himself. This is the rest of my life. The prospect of rescue didn't even cross his mind; all hope had just been flogged out of him by Sulu's hand.

Something warm and wet fell upon his chest, and his eyes flew open in terror and surprise before he realized that Sulu had returned with a damp cloth and was cleaning him up with it. He wiped Chekov clean of come and sweat, left to rinse the cloth out briefly and returned to soothe the sore, damaged skin of his ass, turning him over gently for better access. Chekov let out one final sob and slumped into Sulu's touch, not caring that this was his torturer. The touch was soft and caring, and he was tired and sore. He'd take any comfort that he could get.

"I'll allow you to sleep on my bed," Sulu informed him, and his tone suggested that he shouldn't get used to it. He continued his gentle ministrations, but his words grew more menacing: "I have beta shift, and Monty's coming for dinner afterwards. I set an alarm. When it goes off, get up and dress yourself – and comb your hair. If you're asleep when I get back, you'll be punished."

Chekov nodded his understanding and consent, having no other choice. While he could escape the room while Sulu was gone, his run in with Doctor McCoy and Captain Kirk had instilled a certainty that nowhere on the ship could be safer than here. Escaping the ship to an unknown somewhere seemed even more foolhardy. At least, if he stayed, he might have the chance to feel out more of the new world he'd been left in.

Left behind in.

He'd already begun to sink into exhaustion as Sulu pulled the covers over his naked body. He wished he understood the man a little better, the contrast of cruelty and caring not unpredictable enough for Chekov to call him wholly insane but neither comprehensible enough to be relied on.

The next thing he remembered was the loudness of the alarm, a harsh electronic noise stripping away the mercy of sleep. The complaints of his body argued from every inch of skin and every joint, but his spent cock rested blessedly flaccid against his thigh. His eyes had swollen from his tears and itched beneath their lids. He struggled to right himself, groaning with the effort of waking. Finally, he pushed the covers off and staggered to the wall's touch panel to silence the alarm.

Chekov wanted nothing more than to collapse back into bed, but the prospect of more punishment loomed foreboding, and he gathered his clothes instead and began to dress. He hissed through his teeth as he pulled his underwear and then his pants over his bruised and abused skin. The fabric that usually seemed soft to the touch felt coarse against his raw thighs and backside. He found a comb and the mirror and tried to straighten his curls, as mussed as they were from sex, sweat and hair pulling.

He was swaying on his feet when Sulu returned to his quarters. He hadn't paid too much attention to what Sulu had said before he'd left, but he remembered something about dinner, and that was the best news he'd heard since he first arrived in this mad world. After what his body had been through in the past... he wasn't sure how long, but it must have been at least 24 hours, food sounded like heaven.

Sulu give him a look-over, wrinkled his nose and reached out to smooth Chekov's hair. "You'll do," he said, sounding weary. It must have been a long day for him; if everyone on this ship was like the Kirk and McCoy Chekov had run into, it must be a hard place to work.

"Monty will be here in ten minutes," Sulu told him, and Chekov remembered what he'd said earlier about them having a dinner guest. His heart sank a little; surely Sulu would make a show of being harder on him when they had company. He wondered who 'Monty' would be, but didn't waste too much energy trying to figure it out. Everyone in this universe was a stranger anyway; there was nothing he could do to prepare but obey every order Sulu gave him. It could turn out to be painful, but at least Sulu had kept him safe, so far.

On Sulu's instructions, he set the table for two people while the other man ordered food from the replicator. Sulu carried it to the table, setting a bigger plate on one side, and ordered Chekov to kneel beside the chair on that side of the table.

"I'll be feeding you," he explained after seeing Chekov's confusion. Chekov nodded and kneeled, seeing one more reason to be obedient. It hadn't occurred to him how much his livelihood would rely on Sulu's charity... he didn't consider for a second that Sulu would hesitate to send him to bed without a meal if Chekov disappointed him.

The door chimed and Chekov looked up from his study of the floor. He remained where he was while Sulu went to answer it, and he knew he was supposed to keep his head down, but he wanted to see which grotesque parody of his crew would be joining them tonight.

The man who ambled through the door must have been Montgomery Scott, but he looked more bedraggled, as tired as Sulu, and quite possibly a little drunk. He smiled too wide and far too smugly as he and Sulu traded their greetings and clapped each other on the shoulders. He scratched the side of his nose and turned his eyes to the table – Pavel quickly dropped his own gaze, not wanting to be caught staring, or really to catch his attention at all. Monty hadn't looked his way, but something about the man's sloppy insouciance had put him on edge.

"More replicator food! My absolute favorite," the Scottsman slurred darkly. He chuckled as he dropped down across the table from Sulu's seat. Sulu laughed, sounding genuinely glad for Monty's company. He took his own seat, and Chekov waited quietly, silently hopeful Sulu would be generous with his meal. Sulu wasted little time digging in, but bit by bit small pieces of food made their way to Chekov, pressed between his lips with careless ease, and each received gratefully.

Chekov's own stomach growled as it began to digest on less than it could have hoped for. The two older men at the table ate like they were starving, conversation reduced to a few grunted pleasantries until they'd halfway filled their bellies. Finally they settled back to eating at a slower pace and, thankfully, Sulu began to offer Chekov bites of food with more regularity. Chekov barely tasted it as he eagerly swallowed it down. Sulu and Monty's conversation turned towards recent soirées with Klingons and Cardassians incurring on Terran space.

Dinner eventually turned to drinks, and at this point Chekov thought (more irritably and desperately than he was accustomed to) that he could've eaten Sulu's hand. He hoped Sulu intended to feed him more, later, or he'd quickly be going from a skinny teenager to skin and bones, but he sat there with his head bowed instead of asking for anything. Finally, part of the friendly conversation that had blurred into background noise jumped out at the ensign.

"—so, I'm sorry, but it'll take me a few more days to get your IEDs. I'm missing parts for the casings and Jim won't stop haranguing me after those power coupling failures. I keep telling him: what he needs to do is get the fuck out of engineering and let me repair my lady friend with the care she deserves." While Monty's slurring and cursing weren't so familiar, Chekov had to admit the constant complaining fit the Scotsman he knew.

"I'll wait – but because it's you," Sulu said crisply, and even though he sounded perfectly non-threatening Monty suddenly sounded more nervous, in turn.

"The way Jim's been riding me, you'd think the ship's falling apart," Monty avowed, and must have been looking for a change of subject, because suddenly his attention leapt to Chekov, his head pivoting in the corner of Chekov's eye. "—ach, Pavel. Why are you just sitting there, ya slut?"

Chekov stared at the man, baffled as to exactly what he meant, or what he expected, although a sudden nausea told him it couldn't be anything good.

"It's not Pavel," Sulu explained as if there was nothing extraordinary about that sentence.  "Somehow, we lost my Pavel for one from another dimension back in that spatial rift."

"Really?" Monty asked, clearly not in agreement that there was nothing extraordinary about that sentence. "You getting him back, then?"

Sulu hesitated to answer just long enough that Chekov stole a look at his face, but it remained detached and composed.

"I'm sure he's fine," Sulu dismissed.  "He's a lot more resilient than this one."

Monty harrumphed and squinted at Chekov through small bloodshot eyes, wrinkles that Chekov usually associated with Scotty's laughter forming at their corners. He didn't like the way Monty's tongue wet his lips in visible anticipation, leaving Chekov feeling vulnerable and on display. He liked what came next even less:

"Well, whoever you are, you bloody well better suck my cock."

Shock rippled through Chekov's sore and tired body and he looked to Sulu, eyes pleading. Sulu's eyes narrowed darkly and Chekov realized that he was embarrassing his caretaker – something he feared more than being prostituted to the entire crew.

Slowly, and not quite believing what his tired limbs were doing, Chekov crawled under the table and settled himself between Monty's legs. His hands trembled as he reached up and fumbled with the zip of Monty's pants, jerking it down in stops and starts until he'd made a big enough gap to fit his hand into, and he paused, hand shaking, unable to force himself to actually reach into this man's pants and take out his cock.

But Monty was horny and impatient, and he reached down and knocked Chekov's hand aside. Still holding conversation with Sulu as if this were the most natural thing in the world, he freed his half-hard cock from his pants and bumped it up against Chekov's lips.

Chekov almost gagged on the sudden smell of sweat and arousal. If his revulsion at a mere touch of Monty's cock against his lips was enough to make him want to throw up, how bad would it be when he took it into his mouth? He didn't even think he would be able to bring a man to orgasm... he knew the theory, yes, but he had never even touched another man's cock before, let alone sucked one. This one was much thicker than his own and the vein on the underside stood out a lot more.

Monty thrust forward and tapped his cock against Chekov's lips again, and he knew that if he didn't do it now, he would be in trouble, and he didn't think he could take another beating. He felt every terrified heartbeat against his chest like a sharp spike as he opened his mouth and tried to take in Monty's cock.

He heard a sharp intake of breath from the engineer, and thick fingers suddenly enveloped his head. Monty pulled him back and guided his mouth to the tip of his cock, pulling him slowly closer so that his lips slid over the head, rolling the foreskin back as they went. The soft, spongy skin felt alien against his tongue and tasted musky and sickly sweet. Chekov had tasted his own precome before, experimentally, and this was not the same at all. His had hardly tasted of anything at all, but this was strong and foul, and it prickled at the back of his nose.

Chekov swallowed down the bile that rose in his throat, pushed back his revulsion and focused on breathing through his nose as Monty pushed himself further and further into his mouth. At some point he reached Chekov's level of tolerance, and then kept going, digging in his fingernails and yanking Chekov's head forward until his cock hit the back of his throat.

He could not help himself; he gagged and recoiled and tried to pull back, feeling saliva trickle down his chin. Monty's fingers just tightened and pulled him back, gripping so hard that Chekov feared his hair would be torn out. His eyes were watering, tears streaming down his cheeks and mingling with the saliva that pooled in his mouth and ran freely down his chin now. His throat burned; it felt like dry heaving, as if he was trying to vomit but couldn't make it happen, and the breaths that he tried to draw into his lungs were interrupted by the now-constant thrust of the too-wide erection down his throat.

His lungs were burning, his throat was burning, and Chekov felt like he was drowning, his head starting to swim from need of oxygen. His knees ached, locked as they were in a kneeling position, and his scalp was in agony as Monty dug his fingers into his curls, holding him still as he fucked his mouth. Chekov felt the world spinning around him, couldn't tell which way was up, and started to panic. He tried to pull away again, but was held too tightly, so his body reacted in the only way it could and he clamped down his jaw on the foul tasting intruder in his mouth.

Monty growled in pain, and the next thing Chekov knew he was taking a blow to the back of the head, a huge palm smacking against his skull with full force. His jaw relaxed and he whimpered with the pain, black dots flashing in front of his eyes as his brain bashed against the inside of his skull. Mind reeling, he was too weak to defend himself as Monty grabbed his collar, pushed him down into the floor and fucked his mouth, his heavy, sweaty balls slapping against Chekov's chin on every inwards thrust.

The hands on Chekov's shoulders tightened into claws as the cock in his mouth suddenly hardened and pulsed, flooding Chekov's throat with bitter, foul-tasting come. When Monty pulled out, drawing the taste of come across Chekov's tongue, his first breath was a desperate, terrified sob. The air suddenly flooding his lungs stung more than the cock invading his throat, but he drew in every precious breath like a drowning man who had just found the surface.

Chekov stared bleakly at the older man standing over him, spent erection hanging out of his pants, who nudged him with his toe a little and then began to tuck his cock back in. The back of Chekov's tongue was ripe with the nasty taste of Monty's spunk and his throat convulsed, half-empty stomach churning. He realized in a panic that he would really be sick and rolled up off the floor, equilibrium still shot and vision tilting as he dragged himself towards the wall, unable to make it any further before he was puking up warm semen and his half-digested dinner until he had nothing left to vomit.

He croaked a pained sob with saliva dripping from his lips, staring in disbelief at the repulsive mess beneath his face, swirled with Monty's semen, his throat devastated and nostrils on fire. The sudden thought of being forced to clean it up had him retching on an empty stomach, throat spasming and body choking completely unproductively. He backed away on his hands and knees, wincing in on himself as his chest jerked helplessly. He began a second, desperate struggle for air.

People were talking behind him, but their words made no sense – gibberish that Chekov's thoughts couldn't find purchase to comprehend. Somebody laughed. It was Monty, because Chekov would've known Sulu's laugh even in this wretched state. Chekov's sobs became horrified, moaning screams as he collapsed onto his side, wracked by a shuddering body he couldn't control.

When Sulu's familiar grip finally hauled him off the floor he began a desperate, begging litany of I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't – even knowing his protests were likely to be met with violence, or some punishment worse than violence.

Instead, Sulu crushed their mouths together, swallowing his words and what Chekov could only imagine was the disgusting taste of his regurgitation and Monty's sour come. He had never been so desperate for forgiveness. He dragged himself into the kiss with what little strength was left in his body, still heaving for breath amidst the bruising mesh of their lips. Chekov slowly began to relax, although he had no strength to hold himself upright and leaned wholly on Sulu, who easily took his weight.

"That was the worst fucking blowjob I've ever seen," the American swore angrily, words accusative, but his terrifying fury remained restrained to his voice alone. Chekov nodded a little again his shoulder, where he'd buried his face in the crook of his neck, pretty sure that it probably was. His scalp felt halfway to torn off, his mostly destroyed throat was useless, his well-beaten legs couldn't support the weight of his body, and his stomach hurt with hunger. He already regretted vomiting up what little food he'd gotten, not certain if Sulu would feed him any time soon, now. Memories of his old life echoed through him like delirium – he'd already half stopped believing there was anything but this.

Sulu brought his face up and kissed him with a gentleness belied by the dark rage behind his eyes, but when he'd shut them, it wasn't so bad, and Chekov shut his eyes, too.

"You have to clean the floor," Sulu warned him. "It's not acceptable to make a mess like that in here." Chekov nodded, again, not trusting his own voice, and Sulu lowered him to kneel on the floor and left, coming back with cleaning supplies. The ensign choked every so often as he struggled to clean up his own mess, but to his relief Sulu crouched beside him and rubbed his back. He didn't know why the man had begun tempering his punishment with such kindness, but he didn't dare complain.

They ended up in the hall bathroom together, at the sinks, Chekov taking the chance to wash his mouth out, spitting three times and never really feeling clean. He barely recognized the exhausted young man looking back at him in the mirror. His eyes were red and puffy, with dark bags underneath them, and his cheeks were red from salt irritation and looked as sore as they felt. He gingerly felt out the bruise beneath his curls where Monty had walloped him for clenching on with his teeth.

He realized he really needed to take a piss and was only slightly surprised, now, when Sulu helped him unzip his pants and even carefully produced his cock for him, his touch efficient instead of erotic. He leaned backwards into the man's body and had never quite imagined sharing a situation as privately intimate as this, with Sulu's hand grasping his cock as his tired body relieved itself.

There were other Starfleet personnel in the bathroom, both men and women, but after what Chekov had been through he couldn't rouse himself to care what anybody thought about Sulu tending his body in his weakness. They showered together, Sulu's eyes no more forgiving than before – cruel and still angry – but somewhere underneath the hot water the lieutenant began to kiss the back of his neck and his shoulders while his hands washed the soap off Chekov's skin.

Sulu guided him back to his quarters wrapped in towels, and Chekov soon found himself being dried off roughly without much consideration for his abused skin, and then naked, but Sulu let him collapse in the bed and, honestly, Chekov was nothing but grateful.

Sulu had dressed after his shower, but promptly shed his clothes in the privacy of his room to take his seat at the head of the bed, back cushioned by a pillow.

"Come on, slut," he said with a snarl that prickled the hairs on Chekov's arms. "Suck on it until you get it right."

Chekov swallowed, not sure his raspy throat could handle penetration, but he reluctantly pulled himself face to face with Sulu's flaccid cock and, when he took it into his mouth, was relieved it tasted clean, like nothing else but skin – like sucking on a soft, thick and boneless finger.


Hikaru's gaze was dispassionate as he watched the weak impostor of his beautiful slave. The kid took his cock as if he had no idea what to do with it, and it hadn't even occurred to Hikaru that he wouldn't. It kept slipping his mind that this wasn't Pavel, when he'd woken up that morning to the sight of him squirming in the corner as a result of his punishment, when he'd come off his shift and found him in his quarters looking disheveled, when he'd ordered him to suck Monty's cock.

And then he'd blink and there would be genuine fear in Pavel's face and Hikaru would feel sick to the stomach when he realized that this wasn't him. He couldn't even bring himself to speculate about what had happened to the real Pavel - he just knew that his pet had to be alive somewhere because Hikaru was waiting to wake up from this nightmare and find him warm and willing at the foot of his bed.

This Pavel was managing to suck his cock without engaging in the task in the slightest. He'd seemed a little curious at first, but in the time that Hikaru's thoughts had wandered, his slight interest had turned detached, monotonous, attentionless sucking. Hikaru wondered how it was even possible to be detached while sucking cock, but Pavel didn't even seem to realize where he was.

"Hey," he said, snapping Pavel's attention back to the present. Hikaru gained slight amusement from the moment he realized where he was and what was in his mouth; that little widening of the eyes was a little bit like his Pavel's reaction to an unexpected finger up his ass, just before the shiver and moan that always followed. Sometimes Hikaru liked to spring those surprises on him just for the way his eyes fluttered shut and he pushed back greedily against the finger.

But, of course, this Pavel had no such reaction to having Hikaru's cock in his mouth. He looked like he was considering whether or not to spit it out, and Hikaru decided that if this Pavel was going to serve his purpose, he was going to have to teach him. This was the longest time he'd spent with Pavel's mouth around him without coming, and he wasn't even properly hard.

Hikaru sighed. "Look," he said, "You're obviously not very good at this. But you're going to have to be. So... just do what I tell you and we'll figure this out, okay?"

Pavel wasn't in a very good position to nod, but Hikaru was going to take his blink as acquiescence. At least he was trying. Something Hikaru had done must've got through to him that he was Pavel's only hope for survival on this ship.

"Pull back a little," he instructed. Pavel pulled all the way back. "A little! Slide forward some more. Okay, stop. Now just purse your lips and use those and your tongue to push the foreskin back, okay? Slowly. And tease the underside with your tongue a little."

He muttered something under his breath about it not being rocket science, but Pavel seemed to have grasped the basic idea of what he was saying, and he really was trying. He wasn't Hikaru's Pavel but he would have to be good enough. Hikaru could feel himself hardening and Pavel's stubble had grown out enough overnight that he had something resembling a five o clock shadow. If Hikaru squeezed his eyes shut, he could almost imagine that the hot mouth around his cock belonged to his pet.

"Alright…Now, suck hard on it, and start moving—That's…Yeah, that's pretty good." He could feel Pavel's cheeks sunken in against the sides of his cock as the younger man's head bobbed over him. Heat had come to his skin and the seemingly distant possibility of coming from this drew a little nearer. He didn't get off on brutalizing people like Jim and Bones. He got off on obedience, and control, and the way his pet knew his needs with only a glance or a touch. "If you can get away with it you can use your hand and just suck the head, but a lot of these guys will want to fuck you throat." He supposed Pavel had figured that out first hand. "There's a couple of things you can do…if you stick your tongue out underneath then—yeah, go ahead. If you do that you can go deeper…"

It was getting more difficult to pay attention as Pavel's mouth slid further down his erection. The sensations weren't as sharp as at the head of his cock, but he had to pay more attention to keep from thrusting into Pavel's mouth like he would otherwise.

"It's okay to gag a little…Just stay relaxed. Try and keep breathing, even if there's a lot in your mouth. Your jaw may hurt…You have to stay as relaxed as you can."

He wanted to touch Pavel, to stroke his hair and touch his face – just not this Pavel, and, besides, he knew he'd spook him. His arousal plateaued at a low heat. The pleasure of being obeyed had started to work for him, but that obedience remained contrived, with Pavel hesitant and unwilling in place of confident and eager. He didn't like having to relearn all his interactions, and he'd begun too late, already. Instead of his adoring pet, he'd ended up with a horrified teenage rape victim.

Pavel slowed down a little after about five minutes, and Hikaru figured that he was either losing confidence or his jaw was starting to ache. He needed them both to get through this or Pavel would be no use to him, so he put his hand in Pavel's hair, feeling him tense and remembering that Monty liked to pull at it. That had probably further traumatized Pavel on top of everything else.

Hikaru stroked his hair gently as if petting a frightened puppy. "It's okay, sometimes it takes a while, not everyone blows their wad in the first two minutes like Monty does," he said, and felt Pavel refocus on his task, his tongue gaining purpose as it worked the underside of his cock. He bucked a little into Pavel's mouth, figuring that he'd have to get used to this sort of thing and it might as well be sooner rather than later.

"That feels good," he said, his voice even and professional rather than affectionate as it might have been if the real Pavel had been the one with his soft lips wrapped around his cock. He'd have called him a slut then, been able to tell him that he wasn't good for anything but cock sucking because he'd have known that Pavel would squirm with impatient pleasure and swallow Hikaru down his throat. Instead, he tried to give encouragement and tried to relax so that this could be over soon.

When Pavel finally began to get the hang of it, Hikaru dropped his hand from the ensign's head and leaned backwards on the mattress. He closed his eyes and focused on the sharp, fragmented breathing that sounded like his pet when he was being fucked too hard to breathe properly. He imagined that it was his Pavel's mouth around his cock, or better; his asshole stretched tight around it, providing delicious friction because Hikaru hadn't used enough lube.

Now his cock was hard enough that he could sink into his fantasy properly. Pavel's flushed face, Pavel's ass thrust upwards in offering, greedily begging to be fucked or spanked or both, Pavel's lips stretched wide around a ball gag, Pavel's throat tightening as he swallowed Hikaru's come.

His orgasm was right there, but the fantasy wasn't enough to make him come. Pavel was trying his best, but as nice as it felt it wasn't right, and they were both painfully aware of that. Hikaru spent a moment wondering if this had been how Pavel had felt last night when he'd been the one trying to come, but then the ensign finally used his initiative and took Hikaru in deeper. It was obviously too much for him, but the sound of choking and the sudden tightness as Hikaru's cock hit the soft tissue at the back of his throat were just enough to send him over.

Pavel must have felt his cock harden and pulse, must have felt the warm, salty rush of come at the back of his throat, because he pulled away, gasping for breath. Hikaru's come trickled between his lips, and Hikaru thought about scolding Pavel for not swallowing, but he'd done well enough for today.

"That's a lot better than when you started," he complimented him, unable overcome his detachment but his anger slaked by post-orgasmic endorphins.

Pavel pushed himself up, wiping his mouth with his hand instead of cleaning his lips with his tongue the way Hikaru expected. He looked calmer than before and the swelling around his eyes had slowly begun to subside. He studied Hikaru with caution. Hikaru studied him in turn, wondering exactly what he expected and hating that unfamiliar, miserable face.

He could tell Pavel had a question to ask well before the younger man worked up the nerve to quietly ask it, voice soft and hoarse.

"…why are you being nice to me…?"

"Because you're weak," Hikaru answered readily. "I'm tired of you crying."

"He's not—…" Pavel began, trailing off with surprise.

Hikaru understood his gist. He shook his head, a little annoyed at the assumption.

"Pavel's happy here."

The revelation stunned Pavel's double. Hikaru could see the thought hadn't even occurred to the young man.

"…come here," he said, opening an arm. Fear tensed on Pavel's face but slowly faded. The ensign crawled over to sit against him, carefully tucking himself against his side. Hikaru put his arm around him, caressing him lightly with his knuckles.

Pavel grew more and more tense, and Hikaru understood he had more to say and decided against silencing him.

The words tore out of his limp, skinny body, startling for their audacity:

"You raped me. You bastard. And you- you let that man rape me!"

Pavel's anger and violation warred against the terror the past two days had instilled. As defensive as he was, he looked ready to bolt like a frightened animal. Hikaru got that. He got that the kid couldn't live with himself and be just a victim. He'd known a Pavel who'd owned all his fears and turned them into his weapons.

He nodded, justifying the accusation. His knuckles traced along Pavel's arm.

"There's nothing I can do to protect you if you give up because of that," Hikaru apologized. "—but if you continue to do what I say, I'll protect you."

That promise was easy to make. He wouldn't see his pet in someone else's hands, or, worse, dead. Not even this inferior iteration of Pavel. He'd murder to see him safe, even if he crossed the wrong men.

Pavel became quiet, swallowing uneasily in the silence but beginning to calm and relax.

The Pavel he'd known had always pushed back and pushed harder when the world shoved him on his face time and time again. He'd expected this Pavel to flourish under adversity, and the initiative he took in forcing an orgasm to end his ordeal told Hikaru he could adapt to the ISS Enterprise. Pavel still had the right instincts, but no context to understand his experiences in, new to the desperation and suffering of life in the Terran Empire that Hikaru and his Pavel had never escaped a day in their lives.

"Are you hungry?" Hikaru offered, not enjoying being forced into generosity but willing to do what he had to to see Pavel rebound.

"Mm," Pavel said in the affirmative, resting his tired throat.

"Alright, rest here," Hikaru ordered, slipping out from under him and lowering him carefully to the pillow.

He came back from the replicator with a real meal for his new companion, but when he entered the room he saw Pavel had fallen asleep on his bed. He scowled, but set the food aside. He chided himself on the technical vagueness of 'rest here' even as he climbed into bed and called for the computer to turn off the lights. He didn't embrace the teenager, although they lay in each other's space, but Pavel took little time to squirm closer and press himself against Hikaru for consolation. Hikaru patiently closed his eyes and didn't extricate himself, even if he slept firm and irritated in the belief that Pavel's place was the foot of his bed.

Look into the mirror.


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Sep. 2nd, 2009 08:45 pm (UTC)
Awwww poor Pavel! You are so cruel to him!

But I still like it, is that wrong?

I want to see Mirror!Pavel
Sep. 3rd, 2009 02:04 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it's probably wrong :p

But that makes a lot of other people wrong too, so at least we'll all be going to hell together.

Mirror!Pavel is in the other side... click on the link at the bottom of this chapter.
Sep. 3rd, 2009 02:44 am (UTC)
Wow, I completely did not expect to feel sorry for this Sulu but I really kind of do. It's not his fault he's in this world and I'm glad he cares for his Chekov and is willing to protect our version.

Now on to the next part!
Sep. 3rd, 2009 02:06 pm (UTC)
Poor Hikaru, he spent so long training his pet and looking after him, and now he has to start again with a traumatised version. It's like his faithful cat died and his parents replaced it with a rescue cat and hoped he wouldn't notice.
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Sep. 3rd, 2009 04:57 am (UTC)
Oh. GOD. That poor boy... and I thought I was mean to him. I feel so dirty for enjoying this so much. *blush*
Sep. 3rd, 2009 02:07 pm (UTC)
Join the club. Dirty is in my name ;)
Sep. 4th, 2009 05:07 am (UTC)
When I saw that the next chapter was here, I shrieked, closed every other browser tab and went to make a cup of tea to enhance the awesome experience that is this fic. I reread the first chapter(s) as well, to be prepared for these ones.

And my God, is it as phenomenal as I remember and more.

First off, the sex itself. I mean, not only is it, and every sensuous detail in fact, so perfectly written that you can just feel it. I know that fails as a compliment because that's what sensory descriptions are supposed to do, but yours does it best.

And then all the psychological elements in here! Pavel beginning to slip into his role, and the explorations of all the genuine feeling behind the mirror Hikaru and Pavel's relationship is really interesting; I haven't read a lot of relationships explored in this depth. It's just awesome.

I cannot wait to see the flipside. :D
Sep. 4th, 2009 08:59 pm (UTC)
That is offically the best reaction anyone has ever had to my fic <3

I'll take credit for the awesomeness of the sex. (I had a fortune cookie today that said something about how my modesty will shame other people or something - how I laughed.)

But I'll give calicokat the credit for a lot of plot-related stuff and little details about their relationship. Actually, I'm pretty sure it was her idea to show mirror!Sulu in a more positive light and show that he's human, not an evil monster.

I hope you enjoyed your tea. We should make a slogan... Mirrorverse: best served with tea.
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Sep. 4th, 2009 05:34 am (UTC)
Oh I've been waiting for another installment in this story! I was so happy to see this here. I also was not expecting to feel any sympathy for this Sulu, but at least he wants to get his real Pavel back so there's a hope our Pasha will make it back home one day!
Sep. 4th, 2009 09:00 pm (UTC)
Woo, our evil plot to make you sympathetic towards a rapist worked! I'm really interested in psychology-related stuff, so I enjoyed the challenge of showing him in a more positive light.
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I loved this so much. It was the last part that just pushed this over the top from hotdirtywrong to fascinating. Showing Sulu's side of things made him a human instead of a monster - a very much not nice person, but still human. Brilliant!

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........ please don't die o_O

Fascinating, indeed. Very few people are actually evil - and the fact that Hikaru's universe is shaped in a different way to ours is very important in understanding how he can have a loving relationship with a slave that he prostitutes to the rest of the crew.
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I...may not have commented on the first part but it is absolutely my favourite-test mirrorverse fic out there, and strangely enough I'm not here for the sex (though it is obviously very well written) but for the characterisation because aaarrrrgh I remember how the first one killed me dead and I've been wondering if you guys would continue with this at all and so when I saw this I was literally \o/\o/\o/

I really love what you've done with their characters, and likewise totally did not expect to feel sympathy for Sulu but now I'm kind of hurting for them both. ;__; Okay will go read the next part now, I love the concept of this so much.
Sep. 4th, 2009 09:04 pm (UTC)
calicokat and I don't discriminate; we make you hurt for everyone ;)
Sep. 4th, 2009 10:28 pm (UTC)
Oh, I'm so glad this hasn't been abandoned! I've been waiting for more.
Sep. 4th, 2009 11:29 pm (UTC)
Woo, I hope this meets your expectations ^__^
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Sep. 5th, 2009 12:32 am (UTC)
Oh, my poor baby. Monty is such a ...bastard. I'm glad Sulu realized that this Pavel is different and he needs to take a different approach. I wonder if he is going to really want his own boy back. I'm really worried for Pavel to run into Kirk and Bones now - although I'm dying to see what happens. Yes, I'm sick, I know.

I'm so glad there is more of this. I don't care how long it takes. I just love this!!!

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Sep. 8th, 2009 05:33 pm (UTC)
I was so excited to see this story updated, I can't even tell you!! This is like the ultimate hurt/comfort porn. So many people just want to write the comfort without like *earning* it, haha, myself often included, and this is just such a great balance, though I am of course left rooting for there to be less hurting of Pavel, or at least for only Hikaru to get to push him around, but that's the idea, ehh? There's actually something at stake, etc.

I love that you wrote from Hikaru's POV and that he's not just a destructive monster like the others. This is such an interesting and unique story for this fandom. Off to read the next part, yay. :)
Sep. 8th, 2009 05:54 pm (UTC)
I guess I'd usually want to get to the comfort as soon as possible too, if we'd gone into this specifically as a hurt/comfort fic. The thing is, we started writing this series because we wanted to see Chekov hurt by someone he trusts and explore the psychological process that he goes through, as well as exploring what we could do with mirrorverse and the people within it. So I guess we're in it for the hurt, and the comfort will come later, to complete the story rather the hurt being written for the comfort.

I'm glad that writing from Hikaru's POV has gone down so well - he was a difficult character to get right in the first chapter. calikocat and I had slightly different ideas of how to write him, and it took us a little while to mesh so that we were writing the same character. That's part of the reason why we wanted to write from his point of view - we wanted to get across the complicated human being that we'd created together, not just a two-dimensional bad guy that a lot of people seemed to see after reading chapter 1.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling. I'm glad you liked :)
Sep. 9th, 2009 02:39 am (UTC)
I'm so, so glad you continued with this fic. It's pretty much my favorite Sulu/Chekov ever--in fact, it's on a very short list of Sulu/Chekov fics that I like at all.

I loved Sulu's POV here. To Pavel he's just a sociopathic rapist, but now we know that Sulu is feeling bereft. You know a writer is onto something amazing when you wind up feeling for the man holding the flogger.
Sep. 9th, 2009 06:49 pm (UTC)
I'm the same about Chekov/Sulu - I'm rarely in the mood for mindless fluff, which is what this pairing tends to be (not that that's a bad thing, just that Kirk/Spock/McCoy in any variation tends to be more interesting) so there aren't many Sulu/Chekov fics that I'm really a fan of.

Thank you very much for the high praise - I guess calicokat and I both like to give our characters (even the villainised ones) some depth. What you have to wonder is 'why is the man holding the flogger at all?' and if there's no particular reason behind it other than 'he's an evil man' then that character isn't very interesting or believable.
Sep. 13th, 2009 12:11 am (UTC)
I really liked it when Sulu was becoming more lenient with Chekov near the end there~ Especially when he was helping him out with cleaning the floor and himself up.

Poor Chekov but he really is adorable in these situations xD;;

(RANDOM The end reminded me of the scene from Lady and the Tramp where Lady keeps trying to sleep in her Master's bed xDD IDK it's cute~)
Sep. 14th, 2009 03:39 pm (UTC)
D'awww, Chekov is Lady ^___^

Yeah, we wanted to show Sulu as a human being and not just a mean, evil Dom. Glad you liked :)
Sep. 17th, 2009 08:48 pm (UTC)
There's a part three, right? You're gonna send everyone home?
I'm a terrible person - I think my favorite part will be if Pavel is scared of Sulu when he gets home. I wonder what Mirror!Pavel will do when he gets back and Mirror!Sulu is still an ass...
Sep. 18th, 2009 04:47 pm (UTC)
There's a part three, four and maybe five in the planning - there are still plenty of characters who haven't appeared yet ^__^

Mirror!Pavel is in love with Mirror!Sulu... he's not likely to be disappointed to be back with his Master.

Thanks for reading :)
Oct. 30th, 2009 06:14 pm (UTC)
Awww! Pavel! I feel kind'a odd liking this so much~ xD;;
Nov. 13th, 2009 05:52 am (UTC)
This is wonderful. and dark. and WONDERFUL.

I do hope you'll finish it. When you get the chance, that is; I think we all know the pressures of real life.

You *will* finish it, right? Please-oh-please?
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