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Smudge the Rat-girl
3 May 1989
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This account is for fanfiction, fanart and general fangirlishness. I have a separate Livejournal account for Real Life (whatever that is) and I'd like to keep them separate.

About me: I'm female, I'm bisexual and polyamorous, and I was born on the 3rd of May, 1989 which makes me 20 as I write this. The fandoms I write fanfiction for are Stargate (mainly Atlantis), Star Trek (the 2009 film), Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Kingdom Hearts and a manga series called Saiyuki which has 4 easily-slashable male characters.
I've also written for The Hitchhiker's Guide, Good Omens and another manga series called Love Hina in which most of the cast is female (and some of them are bi-curious.)

I'd like to write equal amounts of slash and femmeslash, but it just so happens that there are more male characters out there than female. Why is this? Probably something to do with men being more easily accepted as role models. Personally, I think we need more strong female characters that I can write porn for ;)

I am also a furry. I've written yiffy stories that you probably wouldn't appreciate, but I keep it out of my fanfiction unless I'm writing characters who were already anthropomorphic.
(For the record, my fursona is a rat - this means that in the furry fandom I portray myself as a rat with human characteristics.)

I guess that's all the important bits. I draw quite a bit, but not much of it is fanart, so you won't find it here. There's some fanart in this journal though.